Welcome to Vaelift, haha!

Vaelift is a wonderful story that encapsulates the heart of adventure, the yearning for truth, and the romping good times you have when you are with fun people. Insecurity and fear needs cast aside and dive into this fun story with it's twists and turns and joyride of entertainment. It will make you smile; I really mean that. 

There are lots of interesting things in here that I love: mystery, skating, gravity manipulation, organized games, air spurts, pole-arms, hand to hand tussles, guns, tanks, legends, archaic heroes, history, trust, and the fun of discovery. I even found bubbles at some point in the story. Snap, pop!

For those that have already read it, be sure to tell others that you enjoyed it and they should get one too! <3



Book Summary

    Bendin is the perfect model of what it means to be devoted to Odge. He is confident (one hundred percent certain) he’s going to be the next one picked for the highest rank in The Kingdom--Odge’s Vaelift.

    Bendin uncovers hidden secrets (totally mysterious), that make him question everything he’s been taught (who knew?). These events unleash the unseen past and Bendin discovers something he’s never had in his entire life

. . . freedom (absolutely untethered).

    Bendin finds charming friends, clever enemies, and family. Will Bendin become one of Odge’s Vaelift?

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About the Author

Benjamin loves this book!

Benjamin Atwood lives in Ohio with his wife and four sons.

He enjoys faith, family, friends, writing, gaming, game making, and skating.

Benjamin loves to hear from readers. Email him at benjamin@vaelift.com or tweet @vaelift. 

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