Common Questions

This is for answering common questions or things that you might not understand or need just clarification on for this book.


1. How old are these people? I'm so confused!

Bendin is roughly 18 in our earth years. He doesn't know his actual age according to his time.

Other Vaelift students will be very close to that age, depending on their year. For the upper temple students they get there at 14 and they leave at age 18.

Rachel is 18 in our earth years. Soladaque=15. Pete = 13 earth years, Ryan = 12 earth years.

2. When is book 2? I want to read it right now! 

Yes, it's in the works. I absolutely want to see this finished as much as you. However, I am not doing this full time. I'm working at a full time job and raising a family. I will work on it when i get time to do so. It will take awhile. I'm sorry. But! fear not, should this book ever get enough traction to fund the next one full time, I promise it would be done one year from the day I begin working on it full time.

3. Haha, no. Seriously when is book 2?

I love you too. :D